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Hi! As you know, I am Carolyn. I'm a 23-yr old female as of April 21, 2003, who hails from central Missouri. I am a Taurus. I love music of every type and I love to read and write and, of course, learning new languages. (I know some French, as well as a bit of Japanese!)

I had been living on my own for more than 4 years and loved it! I am currently staying with family since finishing my senior year at college. I graduated with honors and now have my B.S in Computer Information Systems (Application Design). I recently found a job as a computer programmer and will be starting my new job in June of this year. I lead a relatively normal, if not sometimes boring, life.

I have an older brother who lives with his wife here in Missouri. They live near my mom, who teaches in the same school as my sister-in-law. My dad and his fiance also live in the state, but a bit further away. I also have a Russian sister who was a foreign exchange student in 1996-97 who lived with us. We "adopted" her into our family and I still keep in close contact with her. She has since gotten married & moved back to the U.S. During 1997-98, we added to the family again. This time a Japanese foreign exchange student. She has now finished college in Japan and is doing quite well.

I grew up in what many people consider to be a small town. I didn't always think that it was, but since I have moved to a university city I have learned that it is quite tiny. Now, with my new job, I am preparing to move to a "big city", not quite a metropolis but it's a new experience nonetheless!

There isn't really a whole lot more to be said. If you think that there is something else that I should have mentioned feel free to email me. Or catch me online! I'll be happy to reply!

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